Robert Stup

General Manager

Master Electrician (VA, MD)  Journeyman (DC)

Associates Degree in Electrical Construction

227 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD, United States     +1.3016622474

Tony Cusimano

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​Vincent Cusimano

This Master Electrician is most knowledgeable under any circumstance and no matter whatt comes to any electrical installation or design.  

He began working with his father in the electrical business during his adolescence. By the time he was out of high school, he was working in the field while also managing the other electricians for his fathers company.  He quickly became the most efficient and coveted electrician within the company.  

When the time was right, he opened up shop with Robert Stup, to create what is now Masters Electrical LLC.  

With 39 years of experience, he has become an expert in all electrical installations. He is always available for a consultation regarding your future work. 

The Crew

Vice President, Owner

Master Electrician (VA, MD)

Our technicians are essential to our clients satisfaction. Each and every one of them has many years of experience in the field, and it shows through their workmanship and professionalism.

  • Michal Milaniack  (Lead Technician)
  • Carlos Salazar (Lead Technician)
  • Rudis Reyes  (Lead Technician)
  • Oscar Obando  (Lead Technician)
  • Edgar Henriquez  (Lead Technician)
  • Wilber Alberto (Lead Technician)
  • Jose Ventura  (Technician)
  • Hector Obando  (Technician)
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Although service calls are a lot of what Vincent handles, he also manages and oversees a majority of Masters Electrical's employees and ongoing jobs. Service calls are an important piece of our service, and he is sure to take care of them in a timely fashion, while leaving the client satisfied.  

So dedicated to his profession, he even worked for a clients 350 person wedding. Ensuring there were no problems with the electrical system as the brides maids got ready,as well as throughout the ceremony and reception.  That is service at its best!

He is also Lutron trained and certified to install Caseta, RadioRa2 and Shading solutions.  The latest technology allows for a small or large lighting system which can be controlled using your phone, 3rd party products, or integrated switches and remotes

Having also learned from his father Tony,  he was able to understand electrical systems at an early age.  With 15 years of experience and continuing education, he is always up to date on the most recent National Electrical Code.

Troubleshooting electrical issues is Roberts forte. When a problem arises with any aspect of an electrical system, he often effortlessly resolves the issue.  

His early education involving electrical theory and installations has vastly improved his skill set.   

Having apprenticed under Tony's supervision as a teenager, they created an immediate bond.  A partnership was in the making long before it was even thought of.

With his quick thinking and brilliant ideas, his 20 years of experience show in the work he produces.

Contact Robert with any questions regarding your electrical system and he will point you in the right direction.

​​Masters Electrical LLC 


President, Owner

Master Electrician  (VA, MD, DC)